Abersoch……shops, parking, beaches, drinking and eating

They is so much to do in Abersoch that first time visitors often end up running around all day without really enjoying themselves. This is a quick guide that I hope will help people who are either visiting for the day or who want to hit the ground running on their holiday. It’s just our views.

Abersoch main beach is accessed in two ways, either up the small road opposite the Londis in the village or by following signs for the golf course. If you are driving/ parking then use the golf course entrance as you can get parked pretty much all year round. Make sure you pay though as it is cameras on entry/ exit and they are hot on fining you. This is a great beach that although busy in the summer has pretty much everything you could want. Please note that in the summer (April to September) dogs are allowed on this beach but you need to be to the right of the cafe. The tide never really goes out very far and there is plenty to do. You can hire waterspouts stuff but it is better to bring your own if you have it. 

Warren Beach is best accessed by parking on the side of the main road between the Warren and the Village. There is plenty of cut throughs. This beach is quieter and other than the warren shop/ cafe has much less going on. The one thing to note here is that the tide goes out a long way so watch the tide times and try and target your visit when the tide is in.

Parking in Village – there is a car park though in busy times this is often full. My advice would be to make your way in to the village and try off road and all car parks. It may take a few minutes but you can nearly always get parked. 

Shops – there is loads of shops in the village from trendy surf shops to Jack Wills for clothing. More practically there is a post office, butchers, chemist and convenience store. You can pretty much get everything you want. Slightly easier for parking is the Spar which is just out of the village (turn right after the gold course turn) but has parking.

Daytime Food –  lots of cafes come and go and so it worth looking around. However there Zinc is probably the most popular. It has a takeaway cafe called Abersoch Deli (sandwiches, cakes, coffees etc) or a sit down lunch menu next door. You can’t book at lunch so it is a question of waiting though they have extended to include outside space and it is very nice. As a fall back there is a cafe next door to the butchers that is worth a try.

Evening food – there are loads of places to choose from and to some degree it is personal choice as to what you like. I would advise the following:

Manana – Mexican, centre of village. Opens at 5.30 but you can’t book in advance. You basically have to queue from about 4.30 (usually with a pint in hand from the pub!!) and you can either eat straightaway at 5.30 or book a time later in the evening. Max table size is 12 and Lee the owner/ host is a top fella.

Zinc – English type food, centre of the village, steaks, burgers, fish etc. You have to book this in advance and probably before you come in peak season as it is very popular and busy. 

Fresh – Range of foods, centre of the village. I have used this less but our fiends love it. Again you need to book.

Crust – Pizza, by land and sea boatyard. Arguably my favourite. You can’t book, just arrive, order a beer and wait until a table is free. You can also book takeaway though in very busy months they can run out. Staff are great.

Coconut Cove – Thai, next door to Crust by land and sea boatyard. Brilliant Thai food to eat in or takeaway. You have to book and as with Zinc can be very busy so probably need to book before your holiday.

Drinking – in my opinion this is where Abersoch is not at its best. Zinc bar is lovely though it is not child friendly after 7pm. The pubs St Tuds and Vaynol are ok but nothing special. In my opinion if you are having meal then enjoy an early evening few in Zinc and/ or the pubs and then make the most of your meal and enjoy drinks afterwards.

This is just my opinion but hopefully it helps you on your way for you Abersoch day/ holiday visit.

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